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ALG Connect Newsletter July 3, 2013

ALG Connect Newsletter 7/03/2013




We would like to wish everyone a wonderful and safe upcoming 4th of July Holiday.



(Please factor in Federal Holiday observances & closures on Thursday, July 4, 2013 when calculating all production, transit and date requirements)


PAMS Holidays Hours

7/4/13 (Closed) **CoMail Product Receiving

available on July 4, 2013 upon request**


ALG Direct Holiday Hours

7/4/13 (Closed)


DMM Advisory

Pricing - keeping you informed about the prices and mailing standards of the United States Postal Service

IMb™ Services Update         

PostalOne!®  Release 35.0.0 Deployment - scheduled for July 14, 2013, will require an extended maintenance window to complete all software updates. There will be a PostalOne!  outage from 12 midnight through 9 a.m. CT, Sunday, July 14, 2013. Also, the July 14, FAST Release 25.0.0 will require an outage from 4 a.m. CT to 8 a.m. CT to 5 p.m. CT.   The Program Registration Release 8.0.0 on July 14 will require an outage from 11:00 a.m. CT to 5 p.m. CT.


A mandatory Mail.dat® client download will be available immediately following the software update. Release notes for PostalOne! Release 35.0 can be found on RIBBS by clicking on Major/Minor Release Schedule/ 2013 Releases in the left-hand navigation bar or by going directly to Full Service 2013 Releases.   ( Read More . . . )





The USPS in the Digital Age

Direct mail is the Staten Island of multichannel marketing campaigns. Like the fifth borough of New York City, this communication channel is too often forgotten. Despite the lip service around developing fully integrated campaigns, most of that integration seems relegated to the growing sprawl of digital networks and devices.

So, over the past few years the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has been actively developing tools and incentives designed to better connect direct mail and digital channels, and guide the mailstream into the digital world.

Gary Reblin, VP of new products and innovation at the USPS, feels that the agency has elevated awareness of how technologies can improve the success of direct mail campaigns. Its evangelism typically comes in the form of promotions that provide incentives for marketers to include technologies like 2D barcodes, near field communication (NFC), or augmented reality (AR) in their direct mail pieces and catalogs. In recent years the USPS has given postage discounts (usually about 2 to 3%) to marketers integrating 2D barcodes into their mailers, so long as those marketers satisfied certain criteria like having a mobile website with relevant information.     (Read More . . . )


Reading Eagle Newspaper


Five Digits, 50 Years: The ZIP Code, By The Numbers

Today is the 50th birthday of the nation's Zoning Improvement Plan code, better known as the ZIP code.

The code was designed to get mail sorted and delivered faster, and it worked, in part because it allowed for automated sorting.

So on the ZIP code's golden anniversary, July 1, here are some facts about those codes and postal delivery in general: 




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