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ALG Worldwide Print Media

ALG Worldwide Logistics is an integral part of today’s print-media logistics solution. ALG provides management and co-production solutions to the direct mail marketplace via Print and Mailing Solutions, LLC.

Combining pre-production data management with postage reduction services, seamless distribution and interactive information allows ALG to provide a complete production and supply-chain solution unsurpassed in today’s market. Co-mailing, co-palletization, commingle and destination entry services are just a few of the cost-saving solutions provided by ALG.

ALG developed the “Print – Media Logistics” management group to provide cost-saving and postage reducing innovations. Committed to being the most process-sensitive provider, ALG has intuitively developed a product line that combines leading edge technology and years of market experience to deliver the most practical solutions available.

Data Management

Data Presorting and Reporting

Address Standardization
Cass Certification
Data Conversion
Data Suppressions
DSF Processing

Full Service IMB Processing
Merge/Purge Capabilities
NCOA Services

Distribution Services

Destination Entry Services

Accelerated Destination Entry Services – LTL & Air
Automated Bills of Lading & Shipment Manifesting
Automated Load Planning
Delivery Status
EDI and XML Technology Integration
Mail.dat Analysis and Entry Optimization
NDC/SCF/DDU Consolidation & transportation Services

Shipment and Job Tracking
Pre-Production Destination Entry Planning
USPS DSMS Integration
USPS elnduction
USPS Seamless enabled options
Visibility Reporting

Co-Production Management

Co-Mailing Services

Our Co-Mailing Services Division enables us to process individual copies of multiple Periodical
or Standard titles and merge them together to increase presort automation and destination entry
discounts. The system creates substantial postal savings through Standard, Periodical, or
mixed-class production pools with greater postal penetration than traditional destination entry
services provide.

The system is designed for short-run, medium-run and long-run Periodical titles and Standard
catalogs. Co-Mailing targets circulation runs that start as low as 5,000 copies and merges
them in pools exceeding 3,000,000 copies. The program allows for immediate entry into
multiple weekly pools and culminates with destination entry services through one of the largest
consolidation services in the United States.

3-4 Weekly Pools
4-36 Pocket Operating Lines
Electronic Production & Distribution
Exceeding 8.5 Million Books
Flexible Imaging Capabilities
Integrated Information Management Systems

Managed In-Home Dates
Maximized Postage Savings
Periodical & Standard Pools
Web-Based Solutions
Weekly Capacity

Co-Palletization Services

Co-Palletization offers destination entry discounts for Standard letter mailings that would traditionally not receive postal discounts. Through daily pooling, ALG offers 24-hour co-palletization services backed by in-house destination entry consolidation services. Decrease postage by co-palletization processing while increasing in-home management possibilities by allowing ALG Worldwide Logistics to manage your next co-palletization project.

Electronic Production & Distribution Visibility
Highest SCF Penetration in the Industry
Integrated Information Management Systems
Managed In-Home Dates

Maximized Postage Stamps
Multiple Pools Per Week
Web-Based Solutions

Commingle Services

Commingle reduces postage costs and standardizes delivery times for Standard and First-Class Letter Mail. This process is achieved by collating together mailings of multiple clients that previously would have been mailed independently. When combined in the Commingle process these individual mailings create a much larger mailing resulting in a higher piece count, which increases eligibility for lower postage rates. Commingle changes the mailing presort qualification and is merged into the same tray on a postal pallet. Customers can take advantage of the benefits by running commingle in the same building as freight consolidation.

Automated solutions for job management
Electronic Productions & Distribution Visibility
Managed In-Home Dates

Multiple Pools Per Week
Postage efficiencies
Processing done in the same facility as freight consolidation